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History of AGF

1954 March 2 Established "GENERAL FOODS, INC."
December Completed a plant in Itami City, Hyogo Prefecture.
1960 December

Released "MAXWELL" instant coffee.

1968 October

Released "Coffee Gift."

Released "Yuban" instant coffee.

1970 November Completed Suzuka Plant in Suzuka City, Mie Prefecture.
1973 August 1 Established "AJINOMOTO GENERAL FOODS, INC." (AGF), a joint-venture company of
AJINOMOTO CO., INC. and General Foods Corporation (U.S.)
1974 June

Released "Marim" instant creaming powder.

1975 March

Released "MAXIM" instant coffee.

1976 November Installed equipment for manufacturing freeze-dry instant coffee in Suzuka Plant.
1977 August

Released "Maxwell BLENDY" instant coffee.

1978 February

Released "Master Blend" ground coffee.


Released "Master Blend" ground coffee gift set.

1982 April Released ground coffee for food services.

Released "GRANDAGE" instant coffee.

1985 August

Released "MAXIM" ground coffee.

1988 May

Released "Blendy" bottled coffee and "Kocha Monogatari (Tea Story)" bottled tea.


Released "Shin-Chajin (New Tea Master)" instant Japanese tea.

1989 April Released "Shin-Chajin" instant tea for the dedicated tea server.

Released the gift sets of "Blendy" bottled coffee and "MAXIM" bottled coffee.


Released "Blendy" ground coffee.

1991 April Established equipment for manufacturing plastic bottled coffee in Suzuka Plant.
1995 August

Released "MAXIM" vacuum pack ground coffee.

1996 March Completed Ojima Plant in Ohta city, Gunma Prefecture.
1998 April

Released "Blendy" chilled coffee.

1999 February

Released "Blendy" bottle coffee with milk.

2001 February

Released "Blendy Drip Pack" ground coffee.

March Isolation of mannooligosaccharides from coffee spent grounds. Confirmation of maintain good gastrointestinal conditon .

Released "Blendy" paper pack chilled coffee.


Released "MAXIM CAFÉ MENU"mix coffee.

July Acquired the ISO 14001 Certificate by our group en bloc,
including affiliated companies.
2002 February

Released "MAXIM Handy Drip"ground coffee.

Released "Blendy Mix Coffee" café au lait mix coffee.

Released "Blendy" concentrated portion coffee.


Released refill type "MAXIM" instant coffee.


Released "Marim" liquid portion creamer.


Released refill type "Blendy" instant coffee.

2003 November Acquired ISO 9001 Certificate by our group en bloc.
2004 May

Released "Blendy" paper pack chilled coffee with milk.

2005 March

Released "Blendy Coffee Oligosaccharides Blended" mix coffee.

2007 March

Released "MAXIM Chotto Zeitakuna Kohiten" ground coffee.

2009 February

Released "Blendy plus"(FOSHU for those who are concerned about body fat) " bottled coffee.

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